Hoofbeats is a picture book which I am hoping to finish, and publish, in the near future. I should note, however, that Wanderlust is Project Number One. Hoofbeats may be fewer total hours away from completion than Wanderlust, but so many hours are going into Wanderlust at the moment that I can’t promise I’ll have time for Hoofbeats until after Wanderlust is ready.

Plot: Hoofbeats is a short story about magic, horses, and the bond a brother and a sister share.


Kier has raised his little sister since their parent’s death when she was a baby.



Enya is Kier’s little sister. Her name means “little fire.”




Illustrations: The illustrations for Hoofbeats are full-color digital paintings, created in a combination of Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

Sample: Here are the first hundred words or so of Hoofbeats (© me!!!)

“Keir raised his sister Enya after their parents’ death. Taking care of a child while learning how to be a man was not an easy task, but soon Enya found her feet and learned to talk and he discovered that he loved her more than anything. Now she was eleven, at the limit of childhood, and through all these years he never resented the burden of a sister, even when she scared the other children with talk of ghosts or ran away on horseback for hours without a word. He loved her because she was his sister, and also because she was herself: not perfect, but wonderful.”

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