Hello. My Name is Grace Makley.

I am 27 years old, and I graduated from Northern Michigan University in May 2012 with a double major in Illustration and Writing. I spent most of the last year (2015-2016) teaching English in Thailand, and I’m currently searching for structured employment in the area of Portland, Maine, while building a freelance business in editing, proofreading, and portraiture.

I also write novels in my free time. This blog began in 2012 as a record of my struggle to finish and publish a novel. I’ve started new novels and a lot of life has gotten in between, but writing has remained the blog’s central theme. As with all goals truly worth achieving, my goal of becoming an author will require perseverance, and dedication, and time. It doesn’t happen right away. One-year plans become five-year plans, and five-year plans become seven-year plans, but we keep working, and writing, and not giving up.

Please see the links below my website banner if you are interested in my editing or portraiture services. You can also shoot me an email with any questions:

12 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Well, you’ve just gained a follower!! 🙂 Lovely blog here! While still in College, I have always dreamed of writing a book, and am actually in the process of writing one right now called ‘Shattered’. Good luck on your book and career!

  2. Hey, Grace! I just heard an update about you, and am enjoying (and admiring) your blog. Congratulations on your degree. Your accomplishments are wonderful. I wish you all the success you deserve!

    • Hi Pat,
      It is so nice to hear from you, and I’m so glad you found and enjoyed the blog! Thank you very much for your kind words. I have just enjoyed perusing your portfolio site as well; I’m working on getting better at portraying nature, so I especially enjoyed the woodland scenes in your painting section.

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