And then I stopped making excuses and started working on my illustrations—patiently, slowly, and a little more every day.

The end.

Or the beginning.

Most likely, a particularly productive bit of middle. I’ll try to stick with it as long as I can.

Work in Progress!!

Work in Progress!!


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  1. I’m glad you’re working again. Be patient with yourself, and have fun.

  2. Patricia Makley

     /  June 7, 2014

    Is this for your book?(just curious) it’s a threshold, portal, whatever, right?

    • It’s supposed to be the Chapter spot for Chapter 9 (to the wolves). Not a portal to anything except the chapter itself, but I’m going for a slightly ominous shot of the forest they’ll be traveling through throughout the day. I’m also trying to make the shadows in the center turn into a wolf-shape or wolf shapes when you focus on the negative space.

  3. This looks awesome already!


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