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I have just eaten a tomato, sliced, with salt and olive oil. It was delicious. I bought it at Trader Joe’s the other night, along with zucchini and summer squash and prosciutto pasta. I pronounced prosciutto “pro-skwee-to” (it’s “pro-shoo-to,” for anyone who doesn’t know) while advertising what was on for dinner, and my dinner guest laughed at me. A lot. In my defense, I was raised by vegetarians. I was eighteen before I even tried steak!

It’s summer in a beautiful city, and life has been moving at a very fast pace. The social life thing has sort of exploded, due in large part to existing friends and connections and also to that beautiful thing called Happy Hour. I’ve become a responsible person with a job, and most of my friends also have jobs and responsible things to do in the morning, and so we’ve discovered that meeting up in the afternoon, right after work and well before bedtime, is the perfect way to hang out. Who knew?

Also, I have a new job. It’s a part-time cleaning position at a furniture warehouse, ten hours a week, and it fits perfectly into my existing schedule with RTP. Seriously, I can come in for five hours each on my two days off, and I still have weekends free. It’s not a whole lot of money or anything, but it’s exactly what I needed to pay off a few bills and generally be a lot more comfortable in my money situation… which will lead to a lot less stress in general. Yay!

And that’s what’s been going on. Nevada is leaving next week, and we have a new roommate moving in. We met her once, and I think she’ll be nice! I’m getting more comfortable at my bus-driving job, and the various components of it are becoming a little more routine. I’ve even been singing again; last weekend I joined my guitar-playing friend Tim and some other excellent folks for a gig back home, and on Wednesday Tim came to Portland for an open mic. Brackett finally got to hear us play! I have plans with friends in a couple hours, and I’m wondering if there’s any way I can get to the beach tomorrow, since I haven’t been in a body of water in a whole week.

To conclude: Life is busy, and good.

Also, Maine is beautiful.

Also, Maine is beautiful.


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